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A play for peace

iconWe’re excited to be here!  Generally speaking…Swomee is glad to be here, and it’s taken a lot of work to get to where we are.  We’re glad to have the opportunity to give consumers a voice, a forum through which we can drive better practices in the commercial sector.  And, also a place to promote businesses that already go the extra mile for sustainability.

But, what we really mean by “being here”…is that this is the great renewable moment…We all have an opportunity to see that it doesn’t pass us by.  It’s HUUUUGE!  TAKE NOTE!!  There are so many political/economic/environmental factions with a vested interest in seeing their proposed outcomes win, that is difficult to see the forest for the trees.

We’ve come so far with technology that regular folks have the opportunity to change the way we live, mitigating our impact on the environment to an incredible extent.  By this, I mean solar energy has become relatively affordable.  We can extinguish our support of carbon spewing, coal fired power plants.  At the same time, electric powered vehicles have become more affordable, more relevant, more fun (let’s admit, we want our cars to be fun), more available, and more viable (increase in charging stations, etc).

What’s notable here, is the opportunity to use solar power and electric vehicles in conjunction with each other.  And, by doing so, almost completely eliminate the everyday impact of our use of the automobile.  The automobile brought us so far, made such a huge impact on the lives of people everywhere, completely shaped America, and our culture, etc., etc.  It also brought us to our knees in desperation for oil from foreign countries.  All these things impacted the geopolitical decisions made by world leaders.  We have probably been involved in many foreign conflicts that never would have happened if it weren’t for our love affair with our automobiles, and our addiction to oil.

So, by the “Great Renewable Moment”, we mean that we can move forward into the future with a greater prospect for world peace, geopolitical stability, cleaner waters and air, greater economic prowess, etc., etc.  We should all be moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle.  We’re advocating individual use of rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles, but there are smaller things we can do as well.  Eliminate as much plastic from your consumer goods as possible, compost, walk don’t drive, talk to your kids about sustainability, and be an advocate in your community.

While writing this post, listening to Pandora, we heard advertisements for fracking in the state of Colorado, with suggestions that it is completely safe, and people who do their research, would know this.  We’re not scientists, but it doesn’t add up.  We’re glad to see progress on energy, and alternatives to foreign oil, but we don’t believe this is the answer.  In fact, fracking may just move the environmental disaster from one part of the world to another.  We have to think ahead, think bigger, think better, think cleaner, think smarter,  think greener.




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